Monday, April 26, 2010


We spent a lot of time outside today. It was a pretty nice day. Overcast, but no rain. Our time outside was not just because we enjoy the weather, it all started this morning at about 5:40am. Mom let us out for our morning pee, but little did she know that there was going to be more excitement than that. Mom went back in the house to make coffee. As she was making coffee, she noticed an aroma that was stronger than the coffee right in front of her. She came out to see what was going on and noticed a skunk smell. I ran up to the door, but Kanooka wouldn't approach the door. She went back in to bring our food outside to us. While she was gone, we thought we might be able to rub the scent off of our faces in the mud. Mom came out with our food only to find our faces black. That is also when she noticed that we both took skunk spray right to our faces. Mom wouldn't let us in the house. Dad came down to see us and made us go in our old crate. We were in there until mom could make an appointment to get us groomed. We both look great now, they really did a great job grooming us, but our faces still smell a bit. It wasn't until about 6 that we were let in the house again with limited access. We aren't allowed on the couch at all, and if we start to stink too much inside, they may have us go in a crate in the garage. It has been quite a day, and hopefully the last day like this.


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