Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Is Here

Fall is finally here in upstate New York! The weather has been nice and mom and dad seem to think that means we want to spend more time outside. I think they forgot that we are inside dogs. They have even been leaving us in a big outside cage they call the "Kennel." I don't know why they think we would want this, but they apparently misjudged our true desire to stay inside, even if that means we are in our shared crate while they are out of the house. The "Kennel" is roughly 6 feet wide by 20 feet long by 4 feet high. The two ends are covered, and it is only a matter of time before they decide to cover the middle 10 feet. They placed a little house inside, but neither of us have willingly walked into that. The only time we have gone in was when they made us. When they leave us in it, they usually get in their car and drive off somewhere. While gone, we sit at the gate and wait until we know they are back, at which point we scream like we have been left there for days. Inside the house, we have a different battle. "The Baby" has decided to start moving on his own. He crawls around on all fours and seems to think everything he sees is his. He thinks our water dish is a place for him to splash and play. He likes to play with our chewed up cow hooves. Our dog beds have become his own personal bounce house. He lays and plays on them like they belong to him. He also thinks that we like to be chased and climbed on. Kanooka usually runs away from him, but I have learned that if I put up with him, it usually means that I get praised and rewarded with a treat. Hopefully soon, mom and dad will let us start hanging around more when he eats, he drops a lot of food, but they always keep us away from him. Pray that some things will start turning around and that mom and dad start letting us clean the floor for them after meals.

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